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Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Admission Requirements

The Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program will not be accepting applications for Fall 2019.

Admission to the doctoral program is competitive. The program typically receives two to three times more applicants than students admitted. 

Applicants must have a Master’s degree in a field closely related to counseling psychology prior to enrollment. Examples include counseling psychology, clinical psychology, counseling, or rehabilitation counseling. Degrees from other training programs may be considered, but the faculty reserve the right to determine whether a specific degree meets the prerequisite. 

Other requirements:

  • GPA of 3.5, verified by official transcripts of graduate coursework.
    Please send hard copy of transcripts to West Virginia University, Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment, P.O. Box 6510, One Waterfront Place, 2nd Fl, Morgantown, WV 26505-6510.  Electronic copies are accepted via services such as E-Scripts, National Clearinghouse or Parchment.  If sending via one of the electronic services, please choose the main WVU Graduate Admissions email address,
  • Three letters of recommendation to support the applicant’s competency in counseling, testing, research, and personal qualities of readiness for completion of a doctoral degree
  • A statement of purpose outlining the applicant’s interest in doctoral training in counseling psychology, professional aspirations, and research interests
  • Graduate Record Examination scores: Please use WVU code 5904 when sending GRE scores.
    As of August, 2011,the ETS revised its score reporting system for the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning measures. A 130-170 range of scores reported in 1-point increments has replaced the earlier 200-800 range that was reported in10-point increments for both sections for tests taken in August 2011 or later. We recommend a minimum Revised Verbal Reasoning score of 153; and a Revised Quantitative Reasoning score of 144. A combined Verbal and Quantitative score should be about 300. See the ETS website for detailed information on the revised scoring system and a conversion chart:
  • If you report test scores taken prior to August 2011, combined Verbal and Quantitative scores should be at minimum 1,000. The scoring for the Analytic Writing test remains the same.
  • A completed Department Doctoral Application Form
  • Two years of relevant work experience is desirable

Please submit the WVU Application for Graduate Admission, as well as all the required materials above, at the link below:

Apply Now

APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 1 for the following Fall.

Applications are reviewed each spring for admission to the next academic year. Screening is based on written information and credentials. Successful applicants are invited to campus for a personal interview with the program faculty. This interview is required for admission. It helps to determine interpersonal and clinical skills, predictive of success in graduate study, internship, and post-degree placement.

The admission committee’s decision-making model is multifaceted and based on several sources of information. A relative weakness in one area can be balanced and supported by relative strengths in other areas. Admission announcements are made before April 15. Materials received after December 1 are not reviewed until the following year unless space is available.

For more information or application materials, please contact:

James W. Bartee, PhD 
Interim Director of Training, Counseling Psychology
Office: 504-F Allen Hall 
Phone: 304-293-2337

Vicki Railing
Administrative Assistant     
Office: 502-C Allen Hall 
Phone: 304-293-2244