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Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Course Descriptions

CPSY 701. Advanced Counseling Psychology Interventions. 3 hours.
Comprehensive development of counseling psychology techniques related to generic and specific theoretical models. In-setting laboratory experience and demonstration of therapy techniques required. 

CPSY 709. Adv. Group Counseling/Therapeutic Interventions. 3 hours.
An overview of the formation, leadership techniques, research and ethical issues associated with group counseling and psycho-therapy in general and for specific populations. 

CPSY 710. Cognitive-Affective Behavior. 3 hours.
Review of contemporary theories of learning, memory, motivation, and emotion. Critical review of research and counseling practice. Increased understanding of self-behaviors.

CPSY 734. Multicultural Psychology. 3 hours.
Interactive effects of cultural factors (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social status, religious affiliation) as they relate to counseling psychology practice, competencies and roles. 

CPSY 735. Social Psychology. 3 hours.
Classic and contemporary readings/research in social psychology emphasizing the interface of social and counseling psychology and integrating social psychology and counseling psychology practice. Uses a student-centered model with emphasis on student-led discussion and demonstrations

CPSY 738. Lifespan Development. 3 hours.
Overview of developmental psychology focusing on the physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains applied to the professional practice of psychology across the lifespan. 

CPSY 740. Assessment of Psychopathology. 3 hours.
Assessment and diagnosis of psychopathology, integration of case data, treatment planning from a developmental multicultural perspective with emphasis on ethical and socially responsible interventions and collaboration of counseling psychology with other health care providers. 

CPSY 745. History & Systems of Psychology. 3 hours.
History of modern psychological thought and methodology including the social, political, philosophical, and cultural factors influencing the major schools and systems of psychology, particularly in relationship to counseling psychology. 

CPSY 750. Physiological Psychology. 3 hours.
Survey of neuroanatomical, neuroendocrinological mechanisms underlying psychological and behavioral processes. Motor, sensory perceptual behavioral, cognitive, and affective functional systems will be studied. Relevance to normal and pathological development will be reviewed.

CPSY 760. Introduction to Counseling Psychology. 3 hours.
Overview of history, current status, and future trends associated with counseling psychology as a specialty area. Includes an introduction to counseling psychology research topics and practices. 

CPSY 763. Adv. Theories of Counseling Psychology. 3 hours.
A comprehensive study of the theoretical issues in contemporary counseling

CPSY 764. Intellectual Assessment. 4 hours.
Administering, scoring, and interpreting individual intelligence tests.

CPSY 766. Vocational Theory/Assessment. 3 hours.
Advanced study of theory development and research in vocational psychology and counseling; emphasis on counseling psychology, women's issues, and cross-cultural counseling. 

CPSY 769. Personality Testing & Interpretation. 3 hours.
Advanced study in the application of personality assessment procedures and consideration of alternative methods for measuring human behavior. 

CPSY 770. Doctoral Practicum in Counseling Psychology. 9 hours.
Intensive clinical experience in which students, under supervision, see clients for individual and group counseling and psychotherapy. Offered at a variety of approved field-based sites (Practicum). 

CPSY 772. Internship. 12 hours. 
Full-time supervised practice in an approved counseling psychology internship training program; minimum duration one academic year. 

CPSY 780. Professional & Ethical Issues in Coun. Psych. 3 hours.
Overview of current ethical, legal and professional issues in counseling psychology. Readings, discussion, and a written literature review of a topic related to the practice of counseling psychology .

CPSY 781. Research Practicum in Counseling Psychology. 1 hour.
Ninety clock-hours of documented hands-on research activity. Activity must be supervised by faculty, or in conjunction with faculty supervision. 

CPSY 782. Research Methods & Design. 3 hours.An overview of research methods and design, statistical procedures and potential violations of ethical principles in the conduct of research in Counseling Psychology. 

CPSY 783. Counseling Psychology Supervision Models. 3 hours.
Assumptions and techniques of consultation/supervision include demonstrations of the models and relevant critical analysis. 

CPSY 797. Dissertation Research. 18 hours.
Research activities leading to thesis, problem report, research paper or equivalent scholarly project, or dissertation. 

EDP 613. Statistical Methods 1. 3 hours.
Basic concepts of statistical models, distributions, probability, random variables, tests of hypotheses, confidence intervals, regressions, correlation, transformation, F and chi-square distributions, and analysis of variance and sample size. 

EDP 614. Statistical Methods 2. 3 hours
Extension of basic concepts of statistical models, design of experiments. multiway classification models, factorials, split plot design, simple covariance, orthogonal comparisons, multiple linear and nonlinear regression and correlation analysis, chi-square and nonparametric statistics. 

EDP 611. Measurement/Evaluation in Educational Psychology. 3 hours.
An introductory course in measurement and evaluation in educational psychology with an emphasis on the principles and procedures in conducting and analyzing educational measurement.