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Heidi O'Toole

Visiting Instructor, Counseling

West Virginia University
College of Education and Human Services
Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Counseling Psychology

Office: 502I Allen Hall
Phone: 304-293-2185
E-mail: Heidi.O'

Heidi O’Toole, MS, LPC, LM, EMDR-T, C-EH-P, is a teaching instructor in the Department of Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling and Counseling Psychology at West Virginia University. She is also the co-founder of the WV Therapy & Wellness Center, which provides neuro-science based psychotherapy that specializes in both trauma and addiction. Services provided include: client assessments, counseling, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), somatic interventions and energetic healing. O’Toole regularly treats clients who have been impacted by substance use disorders, and is an activist and advocate for reforming the prevailing pharmacological approach to treating opioid addiction. She also is a national conference presenter and consultant for programmatic development. She earned her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from West Virginia University 1992. Heidi believes her primary purpose is to simply be of service to others and society at large.

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