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M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation
and mental Health Counseling

Hear From Our Alumni!

We’re proud of the accomplishments of our graduating students and alumni. This page is dedicated to the work they create on behalf of our profession and people with disabilities.

Where are they now? 

Jeanne Stone (2014) is a rehabilitation counselor with the Missoula office of the Montana Vocational Rehabilitation agency. One of her success stories was named Case of the Year for 2014.

Sararose Lynch is an Assistant Professor of Education at Westminster College, a small liberal arts college, north of of Pittsburgh (near Grove City). She teaches the mathematics methods courses for undergraduates, work with student teachers, and teach the undergraduate and graduate special education instructional strategies course. Recently she was awarded an NSF funded fellowship called the STaR program for early career mathematics education faculty. It is very competitive and only awarded to 30 people nationwide a year.

Scholarly Articles

Barrett, G.A. & Brookshire, M.L. (2003). Assessing damages in personal injury and wrongful death litigation: the state of West Virginia. Journal of Forensic Economics, 16(3), 315-327. Read Article


Alumni Video Project

Alumni, Missy Casses, created a video highlighting the accomplishments of her internship site, Star Equestrians. Check it out, below!

Alumni Communications and Testimonials

“The program changed my life!” - J

“I am on a joint mission with the Army and have been able to use skills developed in the rehabilitation counseling program to help others in my unit. As it seems more than half the people deployed right now are unemployed back home, I’ve shared employment resources with them, such as O*NET and work individually with people on job-seeking strategies after completing our daily duties. I can’t wait to get back home and finish up my internship. The flexibility offered in this program has made it all possible.” - SH

“I love this program! The rehab counseling program has stretched me and matured me and prepared me well for the workforce. The knowledge that I have gained has made me marketable, competitive, and confident in the field of rehab counseling. Thank you Dr. Glenn and faculty for generously imparting into us your experience and knowledge. I am graduating the program a very prepared individual." - Melonie Terry

“Loving the job, love being a Rehabilitation Counselor! Most meaningful work I’ve done. Thanks, Ginny" (WVDRS)

Elisabeth Bradley MS, CRC
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor CIGNA Group Insurance

I hope that the semester is going well for yourself and everyone in the program. I can honestly say that I miss taking classes and going to Allen Hall. It was a shorter commute for me at the very least!

I wanted to provide you with a copy of an  article that was written for distribution on the CIGNA employee website (accessible to 20,000+ people). They did a feature on the three Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Interns from this past spring and highlighted our transition into full time employees. I really have the Rehab Counseling program to thank for my accomplishments and was excited to represent WVU in the article.

Please feel free to refer any current students who might be interested in this type of rehab to me. I would love to share my experiences and be able to give them information about a very different type of counseling atmosphere.

Thank you all for everything!!

Richard Keene

I just wanted to write and inform you all that I accepted an offer working in VR for Virginia. I am a counselor in the Southwest Region in the Norton office. I am so happy I can’t stand it… :)

I am living 25 minutes from my mother which I was excited about spending time with family more. I started on August 10th.

Once again I am EXTREMELY happy to be back in VR. It is where I am supposed to be and will retire here if possible. Thank you all for your support on everything from my program to being overseas with the military. I will always remember the things each of you did to help me become successful in my degree and now my career.

Note: Richard was deployed to Iraq during his time in the program. He was our 2007-8 Department Outstanding Graduate Student. 

Lori Shiba

I owe it all to WVU and the Rehab Counseling Department. My education prepared me very well for this job.

I am still working at the International Center for the Disabled in New York. I am a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and I love my job. It’s great because the TOWER was developed here and I have my own copy of the original TOWER. What I enjoy most about my job is that every month I get a new group of clients and I do vocational evaluation. I give out the work samples and almost all of my clients are referred by VESID. My job is fifty percent evaluation, twenty percent counseling and thirty percent paperwork. I also love it because I have my own phone and an office not a cubicle. I do not work weekends or holidays. I am really learning a lot here.