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M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation
and Mental Health Counseling

Program of Study 

The CRMHC program has two cohort options. Each year, we welcome a fall cohort and a spring cohort. each cohort has recommended programs of study to accomplish the completion of the required 63 credit hours of coursework and clinical experiences. Please note that coursework is scheduled into all three semesters – fall, spring, and summer. This is a year-round program.

Listed below are program plan of study templates in a document you can print out and review as a potential student. As a student, you can use it for discussions with your advisor. Every student must choose a plan of study and sign a copy for their student folder. We recognize that circumstances can change, requiring an alteration to these plans. That you must do with your advisor of record.

The two-year options are full-time, four courses per semester. We also have part time plans of study for those whose schedules are already full and recognize a need for a longer paced program. Students can work with advisors to outline options that extend even further but must remember that all coursework cannot be older than 8 years at the time of graduation.

Plan of Study #1 Full Time Two – Year

Fall Cohort

Spring Cohort  

Plan of Study #2 Part Time

Fall Cohort (3 years)

Spring Cohort (2.5 years)

Plan of Study #3 Part Time

Fall Cohort (4 years)

Spring (2.5 years)