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M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation
and Mental Health counseling

U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) Scholarship

WVU offers a Comprehensive System for Personnel Development (CSPD) scholarship funded by the U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to provide tuition and stipend assistance to eligible students in our program. Applicants are required to currently be working in a vocational rehabilitation (VR) state/federal agency and have an career goal of rehabilitation counselor. Please note, eligibility is not extended to those working for private organizations that may contract with a state VR agency.

The grant funds are budgeted for each individual to cover costs related to tuition & fees for the required courses, books and related items, travel to on campus sessions, and registration costs associated with the CRCC examination.

The RSA program ensures skilled personnel are available to serve the rehabilitation needs of people with disabilities who are assisted through vocational rehabilitation, supported employment and independent-living programs. The RSA program requires trainees who receive assistance, upon graduation, to either work for a designated period of time in public or private nonprofit rehabilitation agencies or related agencies (including professional corporations or professional practice groups that have service arrangements with a state agency), or to repay the assistance funds later.

Visit the U.S. Department of Education website for more information. 

RSA scholars must satisfy the following employment obligation in the Payback Regulations, which are found in 34 CFR Part 386:
  • The scholar must work in a State vocational rehabilitation (VR) agency, a non‐profit rehabilitation agency, or a related agency, including a professional practice group through which the individual has a service agreement with the State VR agency.
  • Employment in a State VR agency may include employment in VR, supported employment, or independent living programs administered by the State VR agency.
  • Employment in a related agency may include employment in an American Indian VR services program or in any of the following agencies that provide services to individuals with disabilities under an agreement with a State VR agency in the area of specialty for which training is provided:
  • A Federal, State, or local agency;
  • Nonprofit organization; or
  • A professional corporation or professional practice group.

Based on 34 CFR 386.4 (b), a for‐profit organization may qualify as a professional corporation or professional practice group provided it meets the above‐stated requirements.

If a scholar is unable to secure qualifying employment within the timeframe outlined in the regulations, absent obtaining a deferral or an exception as provided in 34 CFR 386.41, the scholar must repay the scholarship.

If a scholar, who received funds under a Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) grant, resigns or is terminated from employment prior to completion of his/her program of study and does not obtain qualifying employment to satisfy the required service obligation, the scholar will be required to repay the scholarship.

Please review the RSA Scholarship Manual for information related to a scholar's agreement with the U.S. Rehabilitation Services Administration. 

Application Form

Download the application below to read more about the requirements.

RSA Application Form

When RSA Scholars graduate, they are expected to maintain contact with WVU and the principal investigator (PI), Dr. Margaret Glenn. The intent is to provide updated information on progress toward obtaining a position that meets the payback requirements. In addition, details of any employment used for payback must be provided in writing by the scholar. Verification from the employer must also be provided. In the advent of a situation that prevents someone from pursuing employment, a deferment or exemption made be requested of the RSA Commissioner. These requests must be made through the WVU PI. The appropriate forms for each of these actions is provided below.

If you have other questions, contact the grant PI, Dr. Margaret Glenn at 304.293.2276 or

For information on other sources of financial aid, please contact the  WVU Financial Aid Office.